Bacillus coagulans old

Bacillus coagulans or Lactobacillus sporogenes, as it was earlier known is a high-temperature tolerant strain that sets it apart from most of the other probiotic strains. It therefore does not need to be refrigerated and is shelf-stable.
Bacillus coagulans Unique IS-2® is incredibly robust by virtue of it being encased in a hardened shell, which makes it the choicest probiotic for pharma, nutra, and food applications. It is a gram-positive, facultative anaerobic, non-pathogenic, spore-forming, lactic acid-producing bacteria.
This probiotic bacteria is able to withstand harsh conditions, like acidic pH in the stomach, and as such is very effective towards stomach disorders and ailments.
All these make it the choicest probiotic ingredient for food, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications.
Mechanism of action of Bacillus coagulans

“Food and Beverage Manufacturers or Nutraceutical Manufacturers that are looking to formulate a stable, heat resistant product with good shelf life, should opt for spore-forming probiotics like the Bacillus coagulans Unique IS-2®